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What is every coaches dream? To get their players shooting and throwing OVERHAND. Now, there is the perfect tool to promote such greatness - The Throttle Pro. Endorsed and used by legendary coach Dave Cottle (Loyola University, University of Maryland, MLL Chesapeake Bayhawks), he invented the most universally used shooting and throwing drill in which players would stand behind a goal and throw over that goal in order to get their hands up and in a overhand motion. We took Coach Cottle’s inspiration and created the Throttle Pro. The Throttle Pro allows any player, small or tall, to take full advantage of this drill by having different height settings. Futhermore, the breakaway system allows a player to follow through with their shot or pass without the fear of breaking their stick (as they could potentially do over a goal). The Throttle has been the dream-tool of many of the top college programs in the country and that’s why they are using it. Get one today and become a coaches’ dream!


How to use the THROTTLE PRO.

1. Step on base of Throttle and pull the leg up to release.
2. Lower leg to the ground and make sure it locks into the bottom slot.
3. Insert banner into the top piece by pressing down on the top lever and feeding the banner all the way  through until you see it come out the other side.
4. Once banner is all the way in, release top lever- causing the banner to be pinched inside the Throttle.
5. & 6. Rotate Stopper by pulling the pin. Make sure the red rubber stop is facing the SAME direction as the banner.
7. Loosen the knob to adjust height.
8. Hold arm at 90 degree angle both at the armpit and elbow positions. Hold stick so that the butt-end meets the bottom of the elbow. Raise banner until it sits at the bottom of the head of the stick. Then retighten knob to hold in place. (Note: for team use, have all the kids stand in this same position and eyeball a universal height that will work for everyone.)

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