“The DYG product line forces players into the correct position without compromising their natural talents. It provides the foundation that allows players to enhance their skills and progress more rapidly. We regularly use them in our training sessions and I believe these products are a must have for any serious program."

Dave Cottle, Head Coach Chesapeake Bayhawks
2x World Champion Coach

“We started using the Throttle in the fall, when there is a lot skill development going on. Coach Brown, our great offensive coordinator, does a lot of shooting in practice and is a stickler for shooting ‘the right way.’ Having the Throttle available to us allowed our players to learn proper mechanics and put them into action with lots of repetitions in a short amount of time. It is effective, portable, and one of the best new innovations in the game of lacrosse.”

Bill Tierney, Head Coach Denver University & 5x NCAA Champion

"Over 30 years ago, I came up with one of the best drills of all time for lacrosse goalies. Using a pair of handcuffs I attached to my helmet and lacrosse stick, I was able to work on proper form, keeping my vision on the ball and getting low on bounce shots. Now DYG introduces the Tracer and my best goalie drill just got even better!! With the tracer, goalies can work on proper goalie technique quickly and easily every time they step into the cage!”

Bill Pilat, Head Coach, Roanoke College
#1 Goalie Coach in the Country!

“I initially hesitated to provide a testimonial for DYG only because I consider their products my best
kept secret.”

Rick Sowell, Head Coach Navy

“My players love using the Throttle. Quite simply, it is the standard for shooting. I highly recommend this product for not only beginners, but also for the most advanced players.”

Greg Cannella, Head Coach University of Massachussetts

“As a lax parent I have learned one thing advanced skills come with repetition! DYG’s product line has shown me that all repetition is not created equal….. For example, my high school son spends hours practicing, but one session using the throttle has shown me that the fundamentals are soon forgotten! The DYG product line brings those fundamentals back instantly without removing the fun. My biggest regret is that we didn’t discover DYG sooner.”

Tim Bannon, Father of future lacrosse star